3rd Grade Blogs

Third grade has been busy with their blogs!  The students created search stories by using the Search Story Creator from Google.  The students were excited to see their searches come to life and watch each others videos too.    Be sure to check out their search stories and Wordles by checking out our class blog.

We also created Wordles for Spring using wordle.net and the students came up with Vocabulary that made us think of Springtime.  We might try this activity using Tagxedo since we agreed that it makes prettier word clouds.
  Wordle: Untitled

4th Grade videos

The fourth grade students have been busy creating videos for digital storytelling using Microsoft PhotoStory 3 and an audio program call MixCraft.

The students found images on the internet that they liked or that told something about them and saved the images to their network folder. They also created custom music to suit their individual styles and inserted it into their videos.

You can watch the videos by checking out our blog since the students embedded the videos on their blog pages.  Feel free to leave feedback!

Our 4th grade blog can be found at http://kidblog.org/4CIS/

World Education Games 2012

We are in full swing with World Spelling Day and starting Math today as well.  The students have already completed over 12,000 spelling and math challenges.  Keep checking back to see more photos throughout the day as we will be uploading them every hour or so!  The winning class gets a free pizza lunch and awards once the competition is over.

The full album can be found here. As new photos are added, they will load at the end of the slideshow and at the end of the full album.

Want more information?  Head to www.worldeducationgames.com and see the stats and countdown.

World Spelling Day ends at 3:00 a.m. March 7th.  World Math Day ends at 3:00 a.m. March 8th.  World Science Day ends at 3:00 a.m. March 9th.

Dear Mr. President

Mrs. Schumacher and I were able to work together on a letter writing project.  Her students had written letters to President Obama and during our computer time they were able to type and proofread letters.  It's always exciting to see students doing something like this and seeing they do have a voice.  Also, even if it is something as simple as writing a letter, I am always excited when I get to partner with teachers to work on anything.  Her blog post about it can be found here.