"Tech" cellence Expo 2012

Many thanks to our administrators for letting us go to the "Tech" cellence expo in Alliance today. This morning we are getting to spend time withTammyWorcester as she runs us through a gauntlet of activities and apps for us to use in our classroom. She has a ton of great resources that can be found at http://www.tammyworcester.com/TWHandouts/New_Handouts/Entries/2012/9/14_Alliance%2C_NE.html

Save time, search faster, and find relevant grade appropriate materials in a hurry. Check her links out and get some great resources for students.

I was also able to attend a mini session on cyber bullying and was surprised to see some of the statistics regarding bullying, inappropriate texting and the misuse of social networks with students.

Ed Sexton from the Nebraska Attorney General's office talked to the high school students and staff.

He shared with us some of the following statistics.

Perpetrators who are bullies risk loss of

Victims of cyber bullying are:
•2x likely to receive counseling or mental help
•3x likely to drop out of school.

In a survey of 13-19 year olds
•1 in 5 sent provocative text messages.
•22% of girls had sent provocative texts.
•18% of boys had sent provocative texts.
•70% of students who sent sexually suggestive material sent it to boyfriend/girlfriend.
•21% of girls and 39% of boys sent it to someone they wanted to hook up with.
•15% sent it to an unknown hookup they met online and have never met in person.

He also talked to the student about their digital legacy and how things are never really "gone" and demonstrated how their office had tracked a picture across the globe and over time how many viewers had seen a private photo. In just a matter of months, thousands across the world had seen their image even though it was shared from a text or social network.

It is a little scary, but a good reminder that our students need to be taught online safety and digital citizenship.