Mystery Class

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Last year we were able to Skype with several classes over the course of the spring semester and the students had a lot of fun getting to know about classes from other states and learning about their states too.  While I enjoyed the Skyping, it was a lot of work to line up classes and schedules for something that usually lasted for 30 minutes and the students didn't have any real interaction after that.

This year I wanted to do something different, and I met another teacher online that wanted to as well.  Instead of Skyping once and being done, we are having our classes partnered for the entire school year. Her students don't know where we are from and our students don't know the location of their mystery class either.  We are writing letters back and forth, emailing, and soon we will start commenting on each others class blogs.   Our goal is to have our students build a relationship that continues through the year and really learning about someone in another part of the US.

It's been an excellent learning process for me and my students are excited to make new friends via the internet.  We will keep writing back and forth with them throughout the year and I wil have students chiming in from time to time on our blog as wel as the Intermediate Blog.

Want to know where our mystery pals are from?   Stay tuned as the year progresses and find out along with our students!