JibJab Christmas

I have to admit, while it may not be the most academically rigorous coursework, JibJab has some awesome computer animations for students to create holiday e-cards.  Now of course, there are things like navigating file structures, uploading, editing, photo manipulation and other valuable skills that are learned through this process.  In the event of 4th grade, we also learned how to embed html into blogs so their videos are showcased directly on their student blogs.

JibJab is not free ($12 per account), but I created a class account that all the students shared and we found it much easier to create their videos and copy the embed code as soon as they are done rather than going back and trying to wade through 30 pages of untitled videos.

The students put in some hard work to create their videos, and I think you will be pretty entertained by their work.

4th grade blogs here.  http://kidblog.org/4CIS

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Mission to Mars

Thanks to Discovery Education (http://www.discoveryeducation.com/iamsteam/) our students were able to take part in a live Webcast about Mars and the Curiosity Rover. Students were able to submit questions beforehand and also submit questions via Twitter during the Webcast.

Our students were able to learn how technology plays a role in NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory mission, learn first-hand about the science and technology behind NASA’s Mars rover, Curiosity and its mission on Mars. Students also learned about the science and technology involved in getting Curiosity to Mars and landing it safely and getting information – and music – back from Mars.

During the webcast they also were able to hear from Leland Melvin, former professional football player and astronaut and current NASA associate administrator for education, about the importance of dreaming big and pursuing their passions.

3rd Grade Christmas Word Clouds

If you haven't ever used Tagxedo.com, you really need to go check it out.  Our 3rd grade students created word clouds using Christmas vocabulary, saved the images to their computers and then uploaded them to their blogs.  It is a fun activity and a great way to teach file management and navigation through means of uploading and inserting media into the web.

3rd Grade Blogs here!

Here is a sample of what they did.