Squiggle Bot

I am super excited to be starting this project with my students, but as we are looking at getting our materials list, the cost is pretty substantial for something like this with 75+ students.  I plan on having them pair up to create them to cut down on costs and I have been scrounging to save some money and reuse and much as possible.  My lesson plan would involve them making a video tutorial for the creation of the squiggle bot using our point and shoot cameras and posting it to their blogs and the web.

We are trying to raise around $600 to cover all our costs for this project.

We need:
Any Brand 120mm Fan ($6-$8)
- Fully Insulated 9V Battery Snap Connectors  ($3 for a package of 5)
- Alkaline 9 Volt Battery $2.25 per battery
- craft markers ($1.25 for 4 markers)
- rubber bands (.10 per bot)
- electrical tape (we have that covered for sure)

My plan is to raise the funds via Kickstarter, and the students will reward those who donate to their project with a range or bonuses from thank you's on our class blog to signed artwork as well as a Squiggle Bot hand-built by our students.  

Create a T-Shirt for CIS

C.I.S . T-Shirt Design Contest

All entries due to C.I.S. office by Oct. 1st, 2013.

If you would like to design a shirt online, please use the instructions below!

Design must be school appropriate, and will be placed on red shirts!

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