Famous Inventors & Chroma Key


    For the past week or so I have been working with students in Mrs. Dickey's classroom helping research famous inventors and learning how to use our Google Drive to take notes and make presentations on Google Slides.
     The students were on a fact finding mission about their famous inventor to learn how and what they contributed to the world.  Once the research was done, the students took their notes and wrote a narrative of each inventor that they could read and record.
     The students also used Google Slides to make a background for their presentations and were pretty amazed by how easy it was to use the built in search feature to find images for their slides.
     Once the research was done and the slides were made we used the iPad and a makeshift blue-screen to record each student's narrative.
     Some paragraphs were  a little long and we ended up having to use the Chromebooks as a teleprompter.  If you do something like this, I would suggest putting the camera directly over the middle of the computer screen and make sure the microphone as a clear path to pick up their voices. We had to play around a little to make things sound ok, but they came out clear enough.
     We also used Green Screen by Do Ink to import the videos and place their background slides behind them in to make their reports more like a newscast. I learned that a green screen would have been much better than our make-shift blue screen.
     The students did a great job and Mrs. Dickey and myself were able to talk to the students about ways to make their presentations better which we will keep in mind for next time.
Check out the playlist below!

Lending a Helping Hand


I have been spending a lot of time getting 4th grades Christmas ornaments ready to print and hadn't put much though into creating the one page newsletter for this month.  As I checked some 3D printing blogs I came across the website for "Enabling the Future" as was pretty impressed.  e-NABLE is an online group of volunteers that works together with parents and guardians to print custom 3D prosthetics for those in need.  Their main goal is to supply them to 3rd world areas where prosthetics are hard to come by and very expensive, but due to the low cost and readily available materials, they have popped up everywhere.

As we speak there is a first batch print of a Captain America hand on our MakerBot that I plan to use as a guide to create more and am hoping we can Skype with a few individuals about using 3D printers to better the world.

I am currently printing and testing the hands and we went with a Raptor Reloaded to start off the process.


Christmas Ornaments

The 4th grade students are pretty excited to bring home their Christmas ornaments this year!  We designed them on Tinkercad and added the writing and the shapes to customize each ornament.  The final step will be to put their school photos in the back of the ornament and then take them home.