I was able to help Mrs. Hyer's reading group with a spoider project this past week and it was great. The students had been using the Chromebooks to research spiders and gather information.  They worked very hard writing their reports and sorting out what they felt was important.  The students came into my room during a reading time and we had a few special guests help us with Prezi creation to give the students an avenue to present their research with the aid of technology.  They did a great job adding facts, picures and video.

Check out the Prezi's by clicking the link below.

Custom Made Solutions

Since I travel back and forth between two buildings I am always tripping over cords that can quickly become a tangled mess. As a design challenge, I put one of my students on the mission of creating a custom built holder for my projector cable and the headphone cable. Preston used TinkerCAD and a with a little guidance, was able to create a cord holder to clean up my mess. This is exactly what 3D printing allows us to do! We can see a problem, design a solution and then have it in our hands in a matter of minutes! The best part too is that if the design needs changed we can make improvements quickly and easily to fine tune the final product.  Preston printed his holder off and after using it we figured out some changes to make that would speed up the print, use less material and not change the strength of the design.