2nd Grade Poster Project

Second grade has been partnered up and hard at work these past few months researching animals, creating posters, writing short scripts and recording videos.  They used National Geographic to learn more about their animals and YouTube to find videos that enhanced their posters at the end.  The students loved creating their posters and learning more about their animals. We learned how the green screen works and were able to use it to add a little pizazz to our final poster projects.

SandstromLink to Poster
AnnicaTatianaHarp sealhttp://edu.glogster.com/glog/tatiana-annica/2epmfdjm5sx
KoleVaughnKing Kobrahttp://edu.glogster.com/glog/vaughn-kole/2i0i6wr2kpf
MaizeJackKomodo Dragonhttp://edu.glogster.com/glog/maize-jack/2i27awjfqnb
IlliasMacyRed Eyed Tree Froghttp://edu.glogster.com/glog/illias-macy/2jnm6p6604j
PageLink to Poster
MatthewZayleiPrezwalski's Horsehttp://edu.glogster.com/glog/matthew-zaylei/2i1paxiilpr
AllisonAudreyGiant Pandahttp://edu.glogster.com/glog/audrey-allison/2qa817lo7l5
ShawnRuebenKing Kobrahttp://edu.glogster.com/glog/rueben-and-shawn/2tiivvnj62j
BryleeTarynAmerican Bisonhttp://edu.glogster.com/glog/brylee-taryn/2s0foobwjud
DraeganJackieKomodo Dragonhttp://edu.glogster.com/glog/draegan-jackie/2la0ufc595n
HendricksonLink to Poster
TristanTatiannaGiant Pandahttp://edu.glogster.com/glog/tristan-tatianna/2i0jqij962d
SymphanieJoseyGreat Horned Owlhttp://edu.glogster.com/glog/josey-symphanie/2gbfqq65qn9
ElizabethPiperPrzewalski's horsehttp://edu.glogster.com/glog/elizabeth-piper/2ok0dmqh7r7
AlexandraHannahIndian Peafowlhttp://edu.glogster.com/glog/alexandra-hannah/2onclmb9jmx
JseanAkselGRAY WOLFhttp://edu.glogster.com/glog/jsean-aksel/2l9fi3qnkwt
SaraMountain Lionhttp://edu.glogster.com/glog/sarano/2s0i8p0jokl
StoneConnorMountain Lionhttp://edu.glogster.com/glog/connor-stone/2jm0mb5xdhl
DominicTobinWoolly Mammothhttp://edu.glogster.com/glog/tobin-dominic/2ti050d122r
CogdillLink to Poster
KaelTaylorKing cobrahttp://edu.glogster.com/glog/taylor-kael/2jpdsic87mb
CarsonTysonKing Cobrahttp://edu.glogster.com/glog/carson-tyson/2qchjmbtfb1
JoveSophiaGray Wolfhttp://edu.glogster.com/glog/jove-sophia/2tldb7j9u7h
LillianRed Eyed Tree Froghttp://edu.glogster.com/glog/lillian-j/2i3wwppi073
GageLeannaMallard Duckhttp://edu.glogster.com/glog/gage-leanna/2ondjtwq1vv
NELLAHKYLIEBottlenose Dolphinhttp://edu.glogster.com/glog/kylie-and-nellah/2rxwfewjmq9
EmmersonJasiahKing Cobrahttp://edu.glogster.com/glog/emmerson-jasiah/2n1wo3c1sgn

CIS Student News

The Intermediate Building has been working on their own news show this year and they have done a phenomenal job!  Students have worked with their homeroom teachers to write scripts, research facts, practice public speaking, and evaluate themselves to see where they can improve.  The teachers have jumped in once or twice as well and it has been a great learning opportunity for all of us.

I will update the list below each time a new show is published.  The videos are "unlisted" so you can't search on Google or YouTube to find them.  You will have to use some of the links below to watch their playlists.

What’s Your Sentence?

It's been a few years since we have done this project, but we decided to restart the tradition of doing "What's Your Sentence" videos of how the 4th graders want to be remembered.
They designed their sentences on the computer (and practiced how to download and install fonts) and then hand-draw their artwork to make it unique.  It's pretty amazing to watch and see how they want us to remember them. (Also, I am super thankful that we finally have a good microphone to record with)


If my students have said anything about Bloxels and you are wondering what is going on, you came to the right place.

Bloxels is a new way for anyone to create a video game.  ANYONE!

Bloxels uses the typical assets of an animated story – the characters, environments, and challenges – and combines them into a video game to play, share and collaborate alongside friends.

Student can design directly on the app or use the app in conjunction with a a pixel board.

The bloxels website has a ton of resources available to help anyone create a game and make any character they can imagine. 

"Bloxels helps kids achieve their nearly universal desire to create video games (seriously, just ask any kid), rather than just playing them. By using the unique combination of hands-on toys and their love and understanding of classic video games, we've made video game creation accessible and fun for all ages."

To fully comprehend the simplicity and magic of Bloxels, you must first see it in action. Watch below to learn the basics of creating with Bloxels. 

Bloxels Overview from Pixel Press on Vimeo.

2nd Grade Storymakers

This past month Second-grade students have had a unique opportunity to co-create a story with Mr. Uhing’s high school English IV class.  Many students commented that they learned new vocabulary, colorful adjectives, and added humor to their stories while interacting with their high school partners.

I assisted Mrs. Hyer with this project and am pretty impressed with their end products.

There are some videos coming down the line, but in the mean time, check out Mrs. Hyer and Mrs. Brown's blog to see what their groups have been working on.


2nd Grade Word Clouds

FYI: I love getting a chance to know more about my students and what motivates them!  Almost every year I have had the chance to make word clouds using tagxedo.com with the 2nd grade and it's always a favorite activity of mine.  They select words that they feel identify them or showcase their talents and interests and then get to customize to make theirs unique.  They are pretty cool and look great in our hallways.

This the first year that I have put them up online though, so feel free to view the classes and you can print your students off as well.  The 2nd grade students do have a laminated copy they will be bringing home sometime in the near future.


I was able to help Mrs. Hyer's reading group with a spoider project this past week and it was great. The students had been using the Chromebooks to research spiders and gather information.  They worked very hard writing their reports and sorting out what they felt was important.  The students came into my room during a reading time and we had a few special guests help us with Prezi creation to give the students an avenue to present their research with the aid of technology.  They did a great job adding facts, picures and video.

Check out the Prezi's by clicking the link below.


Famous Inventors & Chroma Key


    For the past week or so I have been working with students in Mrs. Dickey's classroom helping research famous inventors and learning how to use our Google Drive to take notes and make presentations on Google Slides.
     The students were on a fact finding mission about their famous inventor to learn how and what they contributed to the world.  Once the research was done, the students took their notes and wrote a narrative of each inventor that they could read and record.
     The students also used Google Slides to make a background for their presentations and were pretty amazed by how easy it was to use the built in search feature to find images for their slides.
     Once the research was done and the slides were made we used the iPad and a makeshift blue-screen to record each student's narrative.
     Some paragraphs were  a little long and we ended up having to use the Chromebooks as a teleprompter.  If you do something like this, I would suggest putting the camera directly over the middle of the computer screen and make sure the microphone as a clear path to pick up their voices. We had to play around a little to make things sound ok, but they came out clear enough.
     We also used Green Screen by Do Ink to import the videos and place their background slides behind them in to make their reports more like a newscast. I learned that a green screen would have been much better than our make-shift blue screen.
     The students did a great job and Mrs. Dickey and myself were able to talk to the students about ways to make their presentations better which we will keep in mind for next time.
Check out the playlist below!

4th Grade Nebraska Program Videos

Mrs. Anderson's class decided to change things up a bit this year and record their Nebraska History reports ahead of time.  It was a learning experience for us all, but the kids had a great time and did an amazing job.

The videos are in the form of a playlist, but feel free to click at the bottom on "Playlist" and you can view all the videos to pick a different student's video.