4th Grade – What’s Your Sentence?

We are in our 3rd year of our tradition of doing "What's Your Sentence" videos to showcase how the 4th grader students want to be remembered.
They designed their sentences on the computer and then hand-draw their artwork to make it unique. It's pretty amazing to watch and see how they want us to remember them.
As an added bonus, there is a playlist at the bottom of all the videos we have done for this project.  It's pretty crazy to see that some of these students will graduate in the next few years too.

Here is a full playlist of all our videos from the past several years. 

What’s Your Sentence?

Ok, ok...so I rushed this a little and about drove myself crazy editing and tweaking and am still not completely happy with it, but here it is.

My 4th grade classes completed the "What's Your Sentence?" project this past week and I also recorded them reading their sentences.  I thought it would be a great part of their digital portfolio so of course it got uploaded it to YouTube for your viewing pleasure.  I apologize for the the no-so-great-audio of my Nikon D90 (Nikon reps, if you are reading this, I want a new camera!).

We are looking you and others state wide and worldwide to send us clips of your sentence and show the students the power of global collaboration.  Send us your clip at ciscomplab@gmail.com.

Many thanks to Craig Badura for inspiration after reading his blog and seeing what he does with his students to challenge me to think more outside the box and get kids to be creative.

Enjoy and please leave comments for the kids!