CIS Student News

The Intermediate Building has been working on their own news show this year and they have done a phenomenal job!  Students have worked with their homeroom teachers to write scripts, research facts, practice public speaking, and evaluate themselves to see where they can improve.  The teachers have jumped in once or twice as well and it has been a great learning opportunity for all of us.

I will update the list below each time a new show is published.  The videos are "unlisted" so you can't search on Google or YouTube to find them.  You will have to use some of the links below to watch their playlists.

4th Grade videos

The fourth grade students have been busy creating videos for digital storytelling using Microsoft PhotoStory 3 and an audio program call MixCraft.

The students found images on the internet that they liked or that told something about them and saved the images to their network folder. They also created custom music to suit their individual styles and inserted it into their videos.

You can watch the videos by checking out our blog since the students embedded the videos on their blog pages.  Feel free to leave feedback!

Our 4th grade blog can be found at