I am currently enrolled in UNK’s Master’s program for Instructional Technology and nearing completion.  I received my bachelor’s degree from Chadron State College with a GPA of 3.647 and currently maintain a 4.0 GPA at UNK for my Master’s Program.

As part of the graduation requirements for UNK I am creating an electronic portfolio on my website to showcase artifacts and relevant materials.

During my enrollment at UNK, I have been challenged by my teachers to think critically and analyze my current educational practices.  Collaborating with my colleagues has helped me grow as a teacher and allowed me to help staff in my schools.  The coursework completed has also allowed me to review and revamp the current technology curriculum to better serve my students.  I have used the ISTE standards heavily throughout my graduate program for setting student objectives as well as helping my colleagues implement and integrate technology.  Nebraska now has a new set of Media Arts standards that I will use in addition to the ISTE standards.

The graduate program at UNK has helped me as both a teacher and a student.  One of my most valuable experiences was creating a District Technology plan in TE878.  It was a tremendous amount of work and planning, but it was valuable to be thorough and have a solid plan of how to move our school forward technologically.  I surveyed district stakeholders, worked alongside our Technology Coordinator and spent many hours with teachers to help understand their needs and how I can assist them.

My portfolio items are aligned with the ISTE standards and can be viewed by clicking on the UNK navigation at the top of the page.  Several other projects and assignments are also included in the links below as evidence of my professionl development throughout my graduate study.



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